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Another great move by Epic: they’re opening a game Store themselves, with much better revenue share for devs, and they won’t charge for the UE license on their store


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I don't think anyone is surprised to hear about UT. Their yt updates stoppes a long long time ago and the few that they had were more gameplay/frag videos. 

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At least it’s confirmed, it recently came up, I remember looking up their YT and find the last live session was a year ago.

I wasn’t playing it, but it’s a shame because it’s the only UE game one could map for, without having to buy a separate game… or create one theirselves(!)

I’m not sure what games offer modding, none comes to mind really.

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23 minutes ago, Noisy_Owl said:

I still play UT3 to this day and i think all what ut4 really could have done is just to have a better campaign then ut3... and more modes.

UT3 was dope asf. ❤️


When it was announced they essentially said they were going to base the game on an earlier release, and sought to hire community leaders who would cheerlead such a move. AFAICT, this was their downfall.

This one choice from the start basically meant the community leaders could ban/gag/silence anyone who tried to exclaim that any design choices that did not support the premise that UT from the 2000 era. So, if you can imagine, this led to a move into a very narrow game mechanic and design POV, with dissenters being eradicated from the thought process.

Basically, it was belief versus evidence. "Think UT is UT3, do you? Shut up and let the grown-ups talk" was the response.

They just wanted to build a game for them, not gamers the world over.


Fortnite (by their own admission) only made money because of FTP, cartoon graphics, MT and of course; Twitch.

I think it's a shame they cannot take that $ and hire more people for UT4...the game whose namesake comes from the very engine that is now yielding profits for the company...damn shame. At least they are hiring people though. Gamers are fickle beasts though, and Fornite can cease to be relevant in a heartbeat.

With that in mind...surely it would make sense to continue development of other titles, than to pump more and more resources into Fortnite? I mean...if the game is making money now, as it is, surely not putting more money into it would not change that fact, unless the game is already flagging?

Need figures before I could do the math on this, but I think there might be some big flaws in their logic they haven't thought through fully.

Also...no one knew Fortnite would make money, and surely they had plans for UT4 prior to the success of Fortnite...so, what were their plans...the plans that they had surely planned for?

Y'see...if they had no plans, then why not tell the community; and if they had plans, why did those plans fall through, or rather what were the measurements that were in place to say "If X happens, it's a fail"?.

They will, no doubt, never let us know.

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I dunno how much was planned for UT, to me “hiring” community (weren’t they just volunteering?) was just crowdsourcing and a display of non-committal. To me looked like “let’s try and get our own CS” (read: a game for free we can then profit from and if goes badly we didn’t spend money on it”).

They surely had more confidence in Paragon that was being developed by employees and the engine had as-hoc features. A bit like “let’s go fishing see what happens”. Fortnite got the upper hand (important to say: not in their original design!) and now they are raking the money.

on top of that they have the passive income of the half of the whole game market using their tech, and now will have the store.

hopefully this will lead to invest in some dev team again, hopefully they don’t turn into Valve. I’d be just happy if they acquired some indie teams and gave them proper resources to succeed.

Would like to see a single player Unreal again, or just an SP game from them.

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