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Just released a major update :)


-Implemented new architectural features to bring map into scale

-Added new route through middle for faster rotations

-Added trick-jump to Lower B

-Made squeaky-door louder for Counter-Terrorist awareness

-Removed both vents

-Added movement smoothness to "mid"

-Added interactive soccer court at Terrorist spawn

-Added self-boost by main archway chokepoint to add mobility between catwalk and lower

-Made it easier for Terrorists to peek Barn safely after entering A Bombsite

-Added cover to A-bridge

-Added cover to A-platform

-Added cover to T-side mid by double-doors

-Added shoulder-peek to Upper B for Counter-Terrorists

-Added subtle dynamic sounds to increase player comfort

-Increased lighting variety

-Made areas feel more realistic

-Improved readability throughout the map

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I cannot unsee what i saw.. overlapping brush on another (or model) near the T-base underpass leading to A site.

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Ok I tested it, and I really like the looks :D


The optimisation is almost perfect, but I found some things where you can still work on.



You should trick this area with an extra visleaf,






And you should work on the fading distance of those trees/rocks behind




So overall it's pretty good, good job dude.

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