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Gratz on the release (and to penE for his new job at Crytek! ;) )!

Didn't play it yet, just walked around and watched the pretty architecture.


Found 2 bugs (?)


1.) Broken/missing textures here?


2.) Tree in the background suddenly disappears




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Again congratulations on the release. I'm curious to see if  competitive players will appropriate it. Good luck on that.
By the way, i made this video for Volcano and Fmpone, so i post it here also :


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Is there a way to watch scrims/pugs on de_crown, in order to have a better understanding of your design choices? (can't wait 3rd part ! :P )Right now, It feels like rotate time are too much (roughly 20 seconds to get to Bombsite A from B , CT rotating counter-clockwise).


I wonder what would be the effect of moving "Underpass" to "Sniper" ,so that it is linking Courtyard and Sniper in a more direct path between both bombsites and making backstabbing possibilities like in de_inferno (one of your main inspiration)



I  really like the changes you have made since rc2 (walls on both bridges, breakable vent and the new path into B from ct-spawn. That nade spot over Squeaky will probably be crucial for terrorists, to be able to breach "Upper".


Superb environment! Readability is great except maybe for the very dark wooden doors/stairs near ct spawn (lil bit nit picky)


Also, is it intended to be able to plant bomb so that a terrorist that is outside Double-Doors at bombsite A, have a direct line of sight from that door hole? (easy wall spot as well)


Final crit: Those flags move way too much compared to  the trees, other static hanging eye candy stuff or even the soundscapes!


Congrats on the release, can't wait for the 3rd part.

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