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Alex's gamejams and game experiments thread


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Taking after Taylor's idea. I've decided to make one thread for all my gamejam stuff rather than fill the work release thread up with a bunch of release threads for smaller projects. 


I'm trying to do more smaller projects in game development in order to fail more and learn more about building game mechanics. Essentially what I'm doing is in the spirit of this article from Rami of Vambleer:




So I'll be posting my gamejam games and any coding experiments that dont go anywhere. 




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First up is a game I finished last night for the cyberpunk gamejam. You can find out about it here:




It's a sort of mission, living citytop game with sword combat. I spent about 4 days on it, coding in the day and doign pixel art while watching movies at night. 


I learned a lot during the development and I'll be doing a post mortem but it basically boils down to I was trying to do too much for a jam. In the future I'll be focusing more on a few things than less on many things. 


I wrote it in a programming language called Haxe. Haxe doesn't actually compile like a traditional language. It translates to another language. This allows the same codebase to compile for IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Apple, Playstation Vita etc etc..  It's a very cool language based off actionscript but with all the shit that you hate about actionscript fixed. It even does enums in a way I find to be very cool (hint: there are no default cases in swtich statements because you have to explicitly cover every case).


You can play it here:




Also here's a video of the game.






and some screens: 




(early development screen)



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Havent had a lot of time to work on jams due to my real job but I did do a 3 hour jam last weekend:




The theme of this jam was "opposite" 


I'm gonna put a few more hours into it and make the game I would have liked to make if I had more than 3 hours. I have a musician who made me some tracks for this and it's helped tremendously. 


You can play the 3 hour version here (html5) : 



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