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[CS:GO] Arcade


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Thanks for your comments, guys!


If someone of you really played my map, I would be grateful for some feedback / ideas how to improve it, since a lot of you are some kind of (semi) professionals and I'm a real amateur at making maps.

That's actually why I posted this here, because those "Valve add this plx", "Please rate my weapon skin" or "плохой" comments on the workshop don't really help me. ;)

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My feedback is 100% based on those images alone.


1. The global lighting settings make the lighting a bit too contrast:y. I think it will be hard to read players in some of the darker spots outside. Compare you light_env setting with mirage, inferno etc.


2. The layout looks a bit like route-heaven and there's a great number of paths and rooms. Might be too much, which you will know...


3. ... when you playtest the map on our server. See info here: 

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1. The global lighting settings make the lighting a bit too contrast:y. I think it will be hard to read players in some of the darker spots outside. Compare you light_env setting with mirage, inferno etc.



Here's a helpful link to have a look at official maps' environment settings: aaa_environmentgallery_v1, made by Asshat. It dates from May 2012, so not all maps will be included, but it's still great.


Gonna have a look at your map ingame soon, just need to find a little bit of time.

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Thanks, that's really helpful.

My settings were based on de_inferno, but with increased brightness (light_environment) and reduced AutoExposureMax.

Shadows seem to be too dark on the screenshots, that's true. Didn't notice this while testing. Will take a look at the settings again.


Maybe there are too many routes in the map, but actually there are not really more than in dust2 or inferno. The overview looks more complicated than it actually is, particularly because the map is compact, especially the central area.

Still thought about removing the indoor route which starts at TSpawn and/or the wine cellar route. (The latter would cause a dead end in the center -> I would probably have to change this as well)


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I've ran your map on my CSGO server for some time now, nearly 2 months. The addition to cover at B site was good change and i think you should not remove that T route. It leaves the other route only way to reach the bombsite at that area and CT's usually camp the mid so that no terrorists can go through without getting shot. It would be similiar like Seaside has and people hate that map for that reason. Only way to get past is with smoke if folks camp the mid. Though perhaps you should make that T route look more nicer, it's actually quite dark and dull now ;)


I also think you should give T's a way to sneak in to the winecellar somehow instead of getting shot from above. No one really uses the winecellar route anyway on our server for this reason. Perhaps additional doorway that leads to the tunnel from the left side?


Also to make the map more simple, you maybe should remove the route from winecellar to mid above (the indoor route with stairs). I see no real use for it except T's attacking mid from the other side too. CT's can slip into it fast and to the cellar from there but no one really does that either. So removing that route might be a worth of a test.


I'd also suggest some changes to the left side of the map, the corridors can be quite a maze for some. I've edited your radar to display my proposed change on the player feedback. Changes made in orange color and the red color "box" is proposed cover spot.




Keep on working this - it's Operation material in my opinion!

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Thanks a lot! This is really helpful.


1. I will keep the red route - For the same reason you have mentioned (and as an additional option for CTs when Ts camp at TSpawn with snipers etc.)


2. Cover at 'A long' will be added, maybe where you have painted it.


3. I will think about changing the middle. There are too many options there and players just camp there instead of using the other routes to the bombsites (which are actually much better imo)


4. Wine cellar doesn't get used, maybe because it's too dangerous to get in there and there isn't a real benefit from using it.

Maybe I will move the entrance a little to the T side so that it's easier to get in there (aso there would be more space in the upper center) (-> see picture below)

Also thought about making a connection from the corridors at the left to the wine cellar (blue), while removing the other connection to the middle (green).

But this would probably be too complicated (?)


I'm still not sure if I really need the wine cellar at all anymore.


5. All indoor routes actually don't look good, I will have to rework them all. Maybe I looked to much at inferno/italy while making the map...


6. Your changes (orange) are interesting, I will think about these.


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I'm glad to help, as i know many people really don't give much of a feedback and your map deserves some attention. Simplifying the maps routes would be a good move.


Remember that players are somewhat narrow minded and short sighted, they get easily lost and frustrated. So having them navigate too many turns and places is not a good idea. They get lost, can't find their way, they quit the map and never come back to it.


I'll look forward to see what you come up with it.

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I can see it with a snow theme


Somehow funny, because when I made the base layout of the map (Over ten years ago... Wanted to make this for CS:S, but didn't like CS:S, so I finally made it for CS:GO :) ) it actually had a snow theme - wanted it to be an european winter village. But I didn't have enough time/skills to make custom textures/models so I decided to use the stuff from inferno/italy...

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Just ran through the map, eveything looks spot on! but i have to agree with 3dnj that the looks of the map are a bit generic. I love the small canals/bridge area near bombsite A and i'm looking forward to playing this some time soon, the layout feels interesting. Any plans on giving it a run on the mapcore server?

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