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[CS GO] de_medieval (wip)

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I have recently started playing CS Go and decided I would create my own map. I found some excellent tutorials on worldofleveldesign.com and they helped me to first plan then block out my map.


I wanted to go for a medieval theme having grown up in a town that has a lot of medieval architecture that I could call upon easily for reference such as building, arches and bridges. I also wanted the map to feature a range of combat styles from long range to close quarters. I have tried to incorporate these aspects into my map.


I have blocked out the buildings for the map but still need to add the placement of object such as crates and barrels; stuff that can be used to create cover and block off long range sniping shots.




















The map file is attached if anyone is interested in giving it a go. All feedback is appreciated. 

Cheers :)



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Instead of doing all the beam extruded in brush, you should consider making them in full new textures.


I can lead you to my birth city called DInan wich is a medieval city.






Yes it is !

As many villages in Europe ! :)

You can also check the villages in Alsace (France) :












Monschau (small German town) is also a good place to look for reference



Thanks for the reference materials. Europe certainly has a great heritage and beautiful architecture. I am from Stratford Upon Avon in the UK, better known as Shakespeare country! I thought Stratford was nice but these are beautiful places!! :)

I am going to try and get a more finalised layout before I really get into constructing this Medieval town. 


Also 3Dnj, I think I will create some of my own textures with the wooden beams. This will significantly speed up the process especially for the lesser important surrounding background buildings.

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I can see the whole village coming alive like that :)

Layout seems simple (in a good way!) and fun. Don't hesitate to request a playtest

Thanks, I will take you up on his soon.

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