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[CS:GO] Map Plan of de_metro


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After playing CS:GO a few months, studying the pacing, the timings, etc etc, I decided to try my hand at map making, since I've always had an interest in it, regardless of my (no) successes. Anyway, here is a nice little drawing I made of the map.




Not the neatest, but this is a very early version of the map design.


I'm trying to go for a metro/subway look (hence the name, de_metro). I've downloaded some reference pictures, and I'm going to make mid a decommissioned subway tunnel with lots of rubble and cover, but kinda tight spaces, making for some interesting firefights. The T spawn to B route is going to be the actual railway, making it kinda like banana on Inferno, but a bit more viable for an AWPer to use. T spawn to A is going to a walkway to another place where you would board a train, in which bombsite A is that boarding area, with a train in the middle of it. CT spawn is basically a lobby going down some stairs into the subway station.


Anyway, so I've just starting making a top-down in Hammer (just to test some timings for both teams). I really want to get some solid feedback before I start to really construct the map and all of it's props, lighting, etc. So, comment below! 

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Some points you may want to take into consideration:


You have four rooms connected by tunnels.  Maybe expand the center connector?


The middle of B site (where the "B" is) is exposed to sight lines coming from three directions.


Keep at it!


Before I reply, I'd just like to thank who replied. This is better than my last map I made (lots of issues there).


Anyway, I'm going to expand that center area (where the 4 way intersection is) into an actual room instead of an intersection. Also, the sightlines, I never considered that. I'm going to re-adjust some of the tunnels to try to make it 2 sight lines. Or maybe put a big piece of cover in front of the intersection, so they would actually have to enter the bombsite to kill anyone.



Yo. Looks like a basic foundation for a map but... you should probably make a proper blockout. Before you do all the lighting and props.


Yeah, a tutorial I watched said that I should make a wallless map in Hammer, test out the timings of who gets where and when, and adjust the layout accordingly. Currently I've had issues with the size of the model in comparison to the Hammer blocks, but I'm working on it!


Thanks for the comments, by the way!

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Based on the drawing you did it looks like a pretty simplified Dust2. Not that it's a bad thing, but did you intend on drawing that?


I did take some inspiration from dust2, yes. Though, I did edit it a bit when I blocked it out in hammer, more rooms and less tunnels. But yes, since dust2 is certainly the most played (and maybe even the best) map in CS right now, I took a lot of inspiration from it.

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