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Worth a shot, I shall give it a try tonight!


If anyone wants the Valve Developer Wiki link for the above quote it is here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$translucent


Thanks Tschoppo!

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Hi All,
I stumbled upon this site looking for resources for making csgo weapon skins as I've not made one yet, and I was really impressed by the quality of work posted in various threads!
My background is in illustration & graphics, I find it easier to design a single 'focal' image rather than a background image which is why I've stuck with stickers thus far.
How I perceive weapon skinning in more traditional forms of design is the comparison between stickers to illustration and skins to livery/packaging design - so it requires a different mindset. 
So far I've only dabbled in stickers. I've 16 submissions - 3 are in the game.
...and here's a quick reference 'decal sheet' from a week or so ago.
And a few of my most recent submissions:
Renegabes #4 - 'Mr G' (The latest in my series of 'Renegabes' - posted yesterday)
I really love making stickers! Especially those with comedic elements, or ones that push the given decal style through process. 
Back to my reason for posting:
  • I was just wondering for those who have worked on both skins and stickers - is making a skin much harder?
  • Is there anything I should avoid doing from the outset?
  • What is your approach to making a skin - do you sketch a side view first, decide from the outset which skin style - or just jump straight in and fiddle as you go?
  • Do you know of any great resources (besides the CSGOblog) that cover how the RGBA channels are utilised for each style? 
Thanks in advance! Sorry for long post.

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Is Rekt in the game yet? Your stickers are awesome man, thanks for contributing.



Yes, Rekt is now in the game via community capsule 1 - it was accepted as a post-release replacement for one of the stickers that infringed copyright (and by extension Valve's T&Cs). 

Thanks for the kind words!


edit: just saw your portfolio - impressive map collection! I loved Gwailior



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