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I'll share my sticker if only for the odd story related to it. I made this just as community stickers first launched. Since March 2014 it has gotten 449 unique views on the workshop. Despite this, I've ran into three different people recently on public servers that used it as their steam avatar, one of which had replaced the text to match his name. I RARELY EVER play on public servers. I managed to ask one of them where he got it from, he just said "the internet". I've tried reverse googling the image without luck. I was also invited to a dota community on steam that use a modified version of it as their logo. I just don't get it? I uploaded it to my deviantart page as well, though I'm very low profile there and hardly get any views.

Anyhow. I guess looking at it now after so long, I probably would have increased my chances if I made the outlines thicker for better readability and also varied the coloring. C'est la vie.


In-game shots:


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