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CS:GO Stickers

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I am pretty sure valve said something about not wanting self or team promoting workshop entries. Maybe that's just big corporation stuff though like if you slapped the EA logo on the side of a gun. 


I fooled around with this earlier and made this:



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so last night the CS:GO stickerworkshop was released, which means that there is another possibility to be creative as an 2D artist. Let's collect them all in one thread, shall we?


I'll start with mine, please have a look:






I had a look! My conclusion is that a team-specific sticker for a team that isn't well known or champions or something similar is very uninteresting; it simply has a very limited appeal.


Liked the duck though.

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Honk if u like deagles!


Workship link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231296476

Tweaking holographic settings is a pain in the bum. I think it's gonna be one of those things where its best to know how it all works in your head before you even make it.

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I haven't published a sticker or weapon finish in over a month so I saw it suitable to publish some new stuff now :)


Here are 2 new stickers:


- Desert Beagle: A beagle with a desert eagle :D (glossy and foil finishes)






- Train Hard: Always train hard  :v  (paper-backed and holographic finishes)










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trying to learn some new tools and process of creating various materials..so! never used illustrator before today.. tools always seemed weird to me.. but after reading some tutorials and doing an attempt at inking my sketch, this is what I came up with!




thoughts? crits?




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Hi all,


Working on a sticker with a friend and running into a problem...


Around the edges of the sticker there is a white rim. Does anyone know if this is in the source file or am I not exporting this correctly? Screenshot below:



Thank you!


Edit: Forgot to contract the alpha channel when I contracted the image, hence the white outline. Sorted!


Edit 2: Problem seems to have reoccured... contracted a couple of pixels again and it hasn't gone away. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here guys? Cheers!

Edited by Beck

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maybe this is the problem?


Filtering borders

Texture filtering will blend nearby pixels together even if some of of them are entirely transparent. This can create unwanted outlining effects if sudden drop-offs in alpha coincide with drop-offs in colour, which may well happen when the alpha channel reaches zero and you stop being able to see the pixels.

To resolve this issue, simply blend the colours of your image slightly beyond where the alpha channel drops off. This can be easily achieved by duplicating the translucent layer and smudging it into the relevant areas.


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