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Here's a DM map I've been working on for the last month, for the Valve mapping contest. It's a medium-sized DM map set in the C17 canals and sewers. A nice mix between outdoor and indoor combat.

I'll release the map January 30th, when the contest ends and the winners are announced (I am fairly certain I am not one of them).

Some screenshots :


Ye olde canal-e.


The main indoor chokepoint.


Generic cramped sewer-room.


Outside again.

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Yea looking very promising. Nice, solid architecture which isn't cramped with props and isn't overly complicated. Some people try too hard to fill their maps with as many pretty props and effects as possible and end up with shitty gameplay and performance issues.

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Thank god I"m not the only one preaching a cut down on propsl

Yea, but I think in each room/area should be a way to kill your opponent with a physicalized prop :)

Physics objects can balance out a map, for gravgunners. Me, i use the gravgun as my primary (or secondary if i get a crossbow/shotgun/357/whatever) weapon. If i haul ass to get away from some dude with an SMG or something into another room to pick up objects for a shield or to shoot at him, it's very depressing when theres nothing there. But an overkill of physics objects (especially red exploding barrels) really sucks.

As for the map, its very nice.

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