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Louie Turner - Level Designer


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Hi thur Louie ! 


I think what's missing in your portfolio is a breakdown section where you explain your design process. As a level designer I enjoy to see how people think their own design through. It's cool to have a bunch of pictures of your level, but that tells me little about what's going inside your head while laying out your map. And... don't forget scripting. If you're aiming at a LD position. Show us your logic skills. That's often what separates as "aspiring" level designer to a "closer to something professional" level designer (sort of... if you get what I mean haha). Because I'm a bit nitpicky... I would strip out the portion where you say "I'm an aspiring level designer". No... you are a level designer. Another thing, as soon as I enter your page I don't see any qualifier of who you are Louie Turner / Designer or Louie Turner / Level Designer. This would inform the reader of what your portfolio site is about. 


Hope that helps :)

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Change your first page to a showcase IMO, rather than just having it in the menu on the left. Also, some descriptions on your level pages would be nice, instead of just a gallery. If applicable, since you're a designer and not an artist, show some videos of how your levels play (it's hard to do this properly in multiplayer levels).

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Just as an addendum: Scripting is generally cool, but looking at flowcharts isn't interesting for neither HR nor designers. It's much better to show the intended purpose of the scripting than just showing the scripting - it's a means to an end, not an end in itself.


Yep ! I totally second that. 

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There do appear to be a couple videos, but they are linked on the Bio page. Kind of hard to find. Also, I cant really get a grasp of the steps you took to design good gameplay from the screenshots or the videos.


  • Information readily attainable in an easy to navigate format( People generally have very little time to peruse portfolios)
  • Show/tell(briefly and concisely) design decisions revolving around gameplay.


As was already said, a bit of scripting never hurt. :)

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Nice improvement. I think all you need to do is emphasize that you're a level designer. I would put that next to your name, so it's the first thing people see. Don't put both world builder and level designer in as a role though. It's less professional. You can elaborate in the little blurb how you also do world building

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Cool work, if there is one minor thing that bugs me is the pattern of your background webpage : on my screen, those sort of pattern are always flickering, making my eyes bleeding.

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You've got some really funky grammar in a lot of your map descriptions:


"Capture Point Alternator, was one of my first ever main major project, I set my self the task of creating a 3 CP map which had a different play style to the rest of the 3 CP maps, which most of which all had the same idea of having a final point on top of a high structure."


"I looked as this with the idea of the 2 teams are wait for a train to come to a coal station where they have to fight over the cargo"


"I tried to take the China theme in a different way for trying to make it more industrial by making it look like warehouses behind the shops."


This is super wonky to read and makes you sound dumb. Please proofread.

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