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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Watching this tomorrow night, I am excite!!  

Man some proper grumpy cunts on the core these days! And this is coming from me

+1 meh from me 

Keven Bacon...
went and saw this with the wifey, we both enjoyed it and laughed quite a bit :)

The only thing that bothered me was the fact that it was set in the Avengers universe. It just makes the Avengers look so... tiny... I mean, who cares about Tony Stark when there a tiny raccoon that can build basically the same shit in 10 mins? I wasn't big into comics growing up, so maybe there is some great story reason for this.

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Because just about all of the Marvel Universe is related. If you think the avengers look small you should see some of the other shit that goes on in the comics. And you should care about Tony Stark. In the comics he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy for a period of time. :v

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link or SHUT UP


That's not very polite Vivi. I expected more from you. Also, in this day and age, I figured you would know Google by now :P


Anyway, perhaps I should have stated that it's not officially confirmed but all evidence suggest it (including Guardians director and cast). Here's the source  Mr. Lazy.

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Wasn't expecting anything and didn't knew anything from the comic, but it ended it's a very cool movie : good writing and filming !

Had some good laughts and shed some tears, not a single flaw from my perspective ;)

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I saw this last Saturday and I absolutely loved it. For me, it's the best Marvel movie thus far. Hands down! I enjoyed every freaking minute of it. Very well crafted. Kinda felt like a modern space opera a la Star Wars. Yes, highly recommended. 

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