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The Order 1886


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I saw it at Sony's 2014 preview event in Santa Monica last week.  Basically it looks very pretty but they showed maybe 2 minutes of gamplay mixed in with cutscenes.  The art direction is awesome, the voice acting is great, the story concept sounds solid enough and makes me interested.


The gameplay, however, was not fully baked in the demo I watched.  I kept thinking "it has next gen art but legacy gameplay. Seriously?"  I have a wait and see feeling for this because of that.  :-|

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What's the point of that optional QTE in that cutscene? Press Circle to dodge? Then you get to choose how to kill some random guy? That's just weird. Why can't I just shoot that guy, what makes him so special that I get to beat him up with button presses?


Also, I love how long they showed the weapon in the crate for. "Hey guys, look at our new PBR stuff! IT LOOKS SO REAL. LOOK AT IT!!!!! LOOK AT IT!"

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