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Hello all! New to the site and all. I just wanted to say hello and let everyone know about this upcoming free UO shard called Ultima Online An Corp. I know this is an advertisement and yes I am a real person and I passed all the little typing tests etc.

But seriously for all those people who may have played UO back in 1997-1999 this is the real deal and it's coming back and since you are all gamers in some way or fashion it could actually help you with the games you might also want to develop one day.

This type of genre has a pretty huge fan base so it might help to at least read the features that people are yearning for in future games. Even the developers of Mortal Online added many UO features to their current game a full decade after they had quit playing.




I have traveled long and far and I am proud to tell ye of a new land I discovered in my 'ventures.

Have a seat over 'ere; chef's roastin' a turkey. Bartender, another round of whiskey! Now, ye ready for this?



UO An Corp

FREE Shard

February 22nd, 2014!


Important Links

•              http://uoancorp.com- main page with countdown to launch timer.

•              http://forum.uoancorp.com/

•              http://Facebook.com/UOAnCorp

•              http://www.reddit.com/r/ultimaonline/comments/1x938c/uo_an_corp_risen_from_the_ashes/





What is Ultima Online?

      UO was released in Sept 1997 by Origin Systems (now owned by EA Games) and is often considered about as important as -- although, as an open-ended sandbox, quite different from -- EQ and WoW in terms of MMORPG history. Because it was released before the DMC Act (1998), technically-minded users have been able to host their own free shards (servers) and add/remove/edit code/content/etc. as they see fit without repercussion, leading to shards competing for the playerbase. Age of Shadows, released in Feb 2003, brought changes too drastic for most remaining veteran players, who generally didn't like UO:R May 2000's introduction of "carebear"-friendly trammel anyway (don't get me wrong, UO is far from being all about killing). Over the years, free shards kept getting better and better.


What is UO An Corp?

      UO An Corp. In Por Ylem's spiritual successor. We look to continue the legacy that is IPY and enhance it with a fresh vision. Diligent and talented developers have brought you an Ultima Online experience unlike any other. An Corp provides attractive features to EVERY-SINGLE-TYPE of Ultima Online player. We have a solid pvp foundation rooted in old school mechanics, while offering new PvE features such as "Portals" where you can craft your own dungeons. Roleplayers are also in full swing, attracted by no-mount policies and seer events.


UO An Corp will thrill you, entertain you and challenge you. Our vision is very conservative. You will NOT find disco-balls here, nor will we ever charge for skill gain.


The An Corp staff represent seasoned coders, community managers and players who have actively participated in Ultima Onlines lifespan for over 14 years. Let's build a world together.






 feature_19_133_58.jpgFeatures of UO An Corpfeature_19_133_58.jpg


I. Overview


•              Staff: Experienced, dedicated, approachable administrator(s); hard-working, professional developers; trustworthy game masters. All willing to help and listen to suggestions.

•              Community: UO An Corp is poised to yet again attract the best guilds, oldest PvP'ers, the most convincing RP'ers, the greediest Adventurers, the savviest Traders, the craftiest Thieves, the vilest Outlaws, the humblest Fishermen (and more), but mostly things in between. Almost everyone is willing to help/teach/go easy on players new to UO!

•              Notes

  • o    T2A (1999) based combat. o             225stat / 700skill cap o             Feluccia only. o             No mounts. o             No neon hues. o             3 accounts per person.

II. Order/Chaos/Balance System


•              Intricate Social/PvP End-Game: Become a Citizen of one of 13 towns for reduced NPC taxes and a town buff; elect a town king monthly to give your town direction; join the militia and fight for rewards; steal enemy treasuries and defend your hometown to keep taxes low; form powerful alliances and seek domination.

•              Kings have more power over their town than any other player. They can choose a town buff from a list for citizens, set taxes, withdraw limited treasury money, set guard levels, hire and control O/C/B guards, exile/unexile players, and be thoroughly shamed if they do a bad job.

•              Militia members, in addition to treasury stealing, are also responsible for defending and capturing cities during O/C/B wars where each town turns into an Arathi Basin style battleground (5 braziers strategically placed instead of 5 flags). Each town your faction controls gives you a useful combat buff exlusive to militia members. Kill enemy militia to gain score and greater titles.


III. (More) PvP

•              Arenas: Practice 7x duels (small fee) with the Template System, or jump right into Ladder (ELO); 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3; also '97, '99, and UO:R rulesets included at launch!

•              Pirates: Smooth boat movement; craftable boats and cannons for ship PvP. Earn pirate currency by controlling Buc's Den docks and spend them on pirate rewards.

•              Paladins: Hunt murderers as a righteous Paladin, gaining silver to be spent on powerful paladin-only equipment (not as strong as before). Reds killed by paladins can enter stat loss, paladins killed by reds lose paladin equipment.




•              Champions: Each dungeon has a Champion spawn area where you can kill hordes monsters to spawn a difficult boss with desirable loot.

•              Rush Challenges: Every eight hours (see town crier), a gate opens to a deep-dungeon boss; inflict the most damage to claim a special reward.

•              Dungeon Armor: Collect sets of Dungeon Armor that give PvE-specific set bonuses.

•              PvE Currency: Certain monsters can drop PvE(name pending) Coins which can be traded or turned in to a vendor for rewards.

•              Town Portals: You can find a moongate leading to Britain's Chamber of Virtue on the first and third level of every dungeon. However, you may not recall/moongate into or out of a dungeon.


V. Explore and Collect


•              Achievements: There are hundreds of achievements of all kinds to earn, each with (minor) rewards. Compete on a global ladder for the most achievement points!

•              Rares: Full rare item spawn system (with additions). Lesser rares can be combined to create greater rares.

•              Dungeon Building: Collect, build, and trap monsters into special spawners to create your own custom dungeon that others can adventure in!


VI. Role Play


•              Titles: There are a variety of titles you can earn to distinguish yourself from others. Displayed in a separate line above your name, you can use dye dropped from monsters to change it's color.

•              Role Play Centers: Certain major RP areas are now controllable, with housing features. Decorate it; have a secure guild container; unfriended players are grey.

•              Monster Play: "The leader of a major roleplaying guild may be awarded one of these stones and polymorph their guildmates into the monster of their choice."


VII. Have Fun While Gaining


•              Locational Gain Bonus: Large(r!) combat skill gain bonus for being in dungeons. Trade skill gain bonus in town squares.

•              Skill Scrolls: Monsters can (more often!) drop a scroll for +.1/.2/.3 of a raised skill.

•              Power Hour: large skill gain bonus for one hour once a day when you log in.

•              Max'd Character Time: The first 7x char is expected early in the second week, with most mains being done in the third week. An hour or two a day of trying should bring you to 7x in about a month. This is significantly faster than previously.Note: Trade skills and taming are still slow to raise.


VIII. Miscellaneous


•              Crafting Balance: The skygods haven't forgotten about crafting end-game, it is sure to be finalized soon after launch. Alchemists, Blacksmiths and Tailors don't have any special additions yet, but potions, armor/weapons, and leather will always sell well. Carpenters can make boats; Tinkers can make boat cannons; Scribes have Master Scrolls (found on monsters, only source of 7th/8th cirlce scrolls); and Cooks can make tribal paint.

•              There is a "rare crafting system" where GM crafters can combine rares to make greater rares.

•              More! Of course we need to keep some pleasant surprises left for you to find yourself; not everything is listed/detailed here, and you can bet there is more to come!






Be The Game


      If power-gaming your way through everything isn't your cup of tea (or if you simply want something else to do), then this is the perfect game for you. Many great experiences can come from simply imagining the mind and environment of your character and acting out responses (i.e. roleplaying). Roar battle cries, or beg for mercy if you can't away run away yelling for help. Comment on the prowess of your opponent. Interacting with your local RP clan is always a good choice, such as attacking or paying tribute to the Orcs. There are all sorts of player-run events to be made (you'll be able to participate in others', but really just use your imagination if you want to make your own). It doesn't have to be a one-time thing; try creating some sort of establishment. If nothing else, you might be enticed by the occasional GM-run event that I'm sure we'll both be surprised by. Herein lies the beauty of an open-ended sandbox MMO.


#1 Reason To Play

      There is nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling of a "gold rush" at the start of a large UO shard, where letting your inner power-gamer run wild comes naturally. Who's going to place the moongate houses and other prime house spots, or place the first keep or castle? Who's going to campaign hard enough to become the first King of each town? Who's going to be the first 7x GM or first Tournament winner? Who's going to lead the achievement ladder? Or lead the Arena ladder? Who will become the most notorious PK(s)? Who's going to corner the crafting markets? Who's going to be the first pirate to destroy a ship or collect a fleet and control the ocean? Who's going to first claim the Ice and/or Fire islands (and can they hold them)? Which guild will grow to be the most powerful, and how? Can your guild secure a dungeon? What will the wee pawns do as the ambitious capitalists play the game of thrones?


+ An Corp Feature Video +





Install and Login Information

o             http://www.uoancorp.com


Important Links

•              http://uoancorp.com- main page with countdown to launch timer.

•              http://forum.uoancorp.com/

•              http://Facebook.com/UOAnCorp


      Now tha' tha's settled, I'm hopin' to see each of yer faces on the road, if ye aint got the courage to find a dungeon. But who knows? Maybe I'll have to bend a knee to ye someday. For now it's time for 'nother round o' whiskey. Bartender!

      By the way, I reserved a spot for ye at the inn for a fortnight. Don't thank me, tha' room's full o' rats! When the time comes, be sure to stop by the 'smiths and grab some supplies 'fore headin' out. G'luck!

UO An Corp launches February 22nd, 2014!



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