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Risk of Rain


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I did a search for this game and couldn't find a topic on this game. 


Has anyone else played it? I gave it a shot after a friend of mine from school recommended it to me. I meant to sit down for about 15 mins. That quickly turned into many hours. 


Man is this game ever fun. It's an odd game. The levels seem to be made by hand but with specific chunks that are randomized to create a semi random world. The point of the game is to find a teleporter somewhere in the level. When you activate the teleporter you have to wait about 90 seconds and during that time all hell breaks loose. 


Money earned from defeating enemies can be used to open random chests around the map and buff your character. Normally this could make the game susceptible to  players farming every enemy and treasure chest in the level. To deal with this the game has a difficulty meter that increases over time so if you stay around too long farming in a level the next level will increase in difficulty too much to be worth it. Because you're money doesn't transfer between levels there's also incentive to find enough treasure chests to unlock so that you don't finish with a surplus of resources. All in all it's quite a fun balancing act. 


Potentially the best thing about this game is that it's coop multiplayer, including local. I'm looking forward to trying that out. 


Here's some gameplay. 


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I've played this a bit, and only cleared it once using the starting character. The only other character I've made it to the last boss with was the Engineer, as the other characters feel so meh on their own, but I think they do much better in co-op which I have yet to try.

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Yeah I only have the riot cop and that guy you release from the cage. I notice in the case of the cage guy, half of one of his abilities is only effective if there are other players. 


I do prefer the starting guy right now, might just be because I'm so used to him right now.

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