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Half-Life 2: Twelve Absent Men [Ep2 Mod]

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Hey all, 

Twelve Absent Men is an episode 2 mod (currently beta1) loosely based on Kafka's "The Trial". Featuring cutscenes, a "trial" sequence, and a prison escape section. The mod is currently in beta stage. The latter levels depicted in some of the images (of a post-apocalyptic town) - are not in the current version but will be included in future versions. 

The story centres around the main character (unnamed) who has been arrested for a crime, yet never told what the crime is. Over the course of the mod the character's history will be revealed, and it will be put to question whether he actually committed a crime at all.


Currently: ~30 mins gameplay.

Here are some screens: icon_biggrin.gif


Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/twelve-absent-men/downloads/twelve-absent-men-beta1

*NB: Unzip the file into your common/Half-Life 2 folder*









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Thanks! :)


Just a note on installing:



*NB: Unzip the file into your common/Half-Life 2 folder*
Run the first map "dew_house1" via the ingame developer console of HL2: episode 2, by doing the following:
1) Enable the developer console in the 'advanced options' of the options menu.
2)Click the tilde key '~' (top left of your keyboard).
3) Type into the box "map dew_house1" and press Enter.

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