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2014 50/50/50 Movie/Book/Game Impossible Challenge


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 Here it is, the mapcore 2014 50/50/50 thread. 



The purpose of the 50/50/50 challenge is to encourage people to try new things. This is a really casual challenge and doesn't have very strict rules. If you feel that you improved/cultured yourself as a result of this challenge then you win :)




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If you want to join simply make a new thread following the post template here :


Whenever you want to add to your list simply edit that post and reply to the new thread explaining that you edited the post. This way when I update the OP I can go from where I last was and update the roster easily.




50/50/50 is nuts  

Not a question but yes, that's true. Hardly anyone ever makes it to the goal but if you do this challenge and feel that it has helped you improve on watching those movies, playing those games or reading those books you always meant to but didn't have the time or energy then you win. Hopefully the friendly competition will benefit everyone. 


Do audiobooks count ? 



Does book length matter ? 



What if it's a really long book ?

If it's really long and you feel it justifies 2 books then that's fine. I think a general guideline can be that if it exceeds 500 pages you can count it as two.


Do textbooks and tradebooks count? 

Hell yes!


What if I'm watching a TV series?

User your judgement on this. I think saying a season of a TV series is equivalent to around 4 movies is fine. Once again it's up to you to decide the equivalence. 


Do I have to complete the video game to count it?

In order to count a video game you have to play enough of it to say you got the full experience, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to beat it. 


Do graphic novels count as books?



Do board games count as games? 

I don't see why not :)

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Movies : 0

Books : 0

Games : 0





Movies : 


Movie Title 
Any notes you wish to share.
Books : 
Book Title 
Any notes you wish to share.
Games : 
Game Title 
Any notes you wish to share.
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Movies : 25

Books : 1

Games : 4





Movies : 


It's a Disaster 
Pretty damn bad movie. It's supposed to be a comedy but I didn't laugh once, I didn't even get any benefit you would get from a comedy. Many of the actors were good in general but the writing just didn't seem to do them justice. The ending seemed to be trying to buck a trend but doing that itself is a trend so...
What happened (dot com disaster movie)
Pretty boring and didn't have a whole lot of substance. Just pushed the idea that it's a repeating bubble. Stuff I've heard many times before. 
My Idiot Brother
Decent enough movie to be able to sit through it. Nothing really haha funny but it was cute.
Pirate Radio
Not a bad movie, started a little slow but overall was pretty good. Kind of a feel good movie. Funny to see 2/3 of the cast of IT crowd on there. 
Gonzo (Hunter S Thompson)
Pretty good movie. Interesting guy. Didn't realize he had a son.
Pretty good. I thought it might have been interesting if it was about the driver manipulating the mom and dad in the relationship. 
Archer Season 4 (2 x movie)
As if this is anything less than pure gold.
21 Jump Street 
Surprisingly good movie. Funny and entertaining throughout. My partner has a huge ladyboner for Channing Tatum now. She spent about 30 mins googling images of him after the movie. 
The Brothers Solomon
Decent movie. Not super funny but not that bad either. Sort of a slightly above average buddy comedy.
A friend of mine has been telling me for years to watch firefly. So far with the first episode being a movie it's been great. I can definintely see why the show had it's share of fanatics. I really like the Kaylee character. Really looking forward to watching the series. 
National Geographic : Aryan Brotherhood
Kind of interesting. Decent background documentary.
Doctor Strange Animated Movie
Wait... Doctor Strange is a good guy? Decent movie
The startup kids
Ok startup movie, not anything special. The guy who started vimeo is kind of a douche. 
So boring. Was interesting at the start and end but suddenly the movie goes into this backstory sequence that takes HALF THE FUCKING MOVIE. I kept zoning out during the backstory.

Top 10 Amiga Games You've Never Heard About! Part 1/3 (1h15m) 
Codename hellsquad looks really interesting.
Steam Dev Days : Getting started with linux development
It's a little basic if you have c/c++ coding experience using multiplatform libraries but there's afew gems of knowledge ni this talk that make it all worth it. Stuff related to how character data is stored on diferent platforms and how to avoid issues when dealing with that. 
Aziz Ansari Dangeroulsy Delicious
Started pretty strong but got a little repetitive and boring. Watch the first half. 2/5 stars.
Steam Dev Days : Game Development with SDL 2.0
This was really cool to hear more about how SDL2 is built. It sounds awesome the way it works. It seems to leave a lot more in the hands of whatever native implementation it uses than you're average framework. When you consider the myriad of AAA games made with or ported with SDL I think I can be happy with using SDL2 in the future. Also the fact it has python and lua binding support from the community makes it a lot more plausible for making a game. Doing everything purely in C/C++ would be annoying as hell. 
Strange Days
Pretty good. Has a really nice 90's feel 
Kind of like swingers, pretty boring.
Slammin salmon
Actually not too bad of a movie. Like a better version of that movie waiting. If you don't go in expecting the world then it's a decent movie.
Deathrace 2000
Wtf crazy violent movie. The 70's was a crazy time. 
Movies like this make me wonder what people who say movies these days are more violent are smoking. Pretty violent. Some dude was going out of his way to run over a baby for points. 
Pretty good movie, Jack Nicholson did a good hoffa. Don't know how accurate it is.
You've been trumped
Wow, Trump's more of an asshole than I initially thought. 
Books : 
Enders Game 
I posted my review in the books thread
Games : 
Risk of Rain
Super fun game. Kind of game I wish I made.
Really fun combat system. I haven't really played any of the other games so for me there's no issues with fighting systems being different than previous games etc. Either way I really like the game. I was skeptical of a combo system that's based on 2-3 min juggles but it's really fun. 
Now that I am starting to main a character I'm liking the game more and more. Really fun system with a good window for inputs. 
Goddammit the hair girl and the mickey mouse girl are so annoying. Hair girls combos take forever and mickey mouse girl is a projectile nightmare. 


Starseed Pilgrim
This game is supposed to be a game for game developers. It's pretty cool and interesting but it actually seems to require more of a time investment than is immediately apparent from when you start playing. It's one of those games where leaning how the game works is the main gameplay element.
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Movies : 5

Books : 0

Games : 6





Movies : 


Robocop 2014
Escale Plan
Lego Adventure

Books : 
Games : 
Metro: Last Light
Deus Ex 3: Director's cut
Remember Me
Don't Starve
Deus Ex: HR (Director's Cut)

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Movies : 7

Books : 0

Games : 7



Movies : 


The Wolf of Wall Street
Thor: The Dark World
Captain Phillips
Ender's Game
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Books : 
Games : 
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Dead Rising 3
Don't Starve
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
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Oh man. It's gonna be a late start for me but fortunately I got some stuff built up.



  1. The Worlds End
  2. Despicable Me 2
  3. RIPD
  4. The Croods
  5. Man of Tai Chi
  6. 13 Assassins
  7. Dylan Dog
  8. God Bless America
  9. Daywatch
  10. Futurama Season 1
  11. A Band Called Death
  12. The Lone Ranger
  13. 300: Rise of a Nation
  14. Frozen
  15. Captian America: The Winter Soldier
  16. Godzilla
  17. The Amazing Spiderman 2
  18. Rick and Morty: Season 1



  1. Slaughterhouse-Five
  2. The Last Question
  3. George Carlin: Last Words
  4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  5. Dune Messiah
  6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
  7. Children of Dune



(Whaaat! Boardgames Count?)

  1. Loadout
  2. Sparkle 2 Evo
  3. Hammerwatch
  4. Darksiders 2
  5. The Ball
  6. Cogs
  7. Natural Selection 2
  8. Serious Sam 3
  9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (DC)
  10. Counter Strike (ya. the first one >_>)
  11. DayZ
  12. Guns of Icarus Online
  13. Rust (This game is CRAZY fun)
  14. Titanfall
  15. Battlefield 4
  16. Warframe
  17. Boss Monster (boardgame)
  18. Aquire (boardgame)
  19. Carcassonne (boardgame)
  20. Betrayal at the House on the Hill (boardgame)
  21. Querkle (boardgame)
  22. The Order of the Stick (boardgame)
  23. Terra Mysticia (boardgame)
  24. Kingdom Builder (boardgame)
  25. Dead Panic (boardgame)
  26. Forbidden Island (boardgame)
  27. The Resistance (boardgame)
  28. Tsuro (boardgame)
  29. Ogre (boardgame)
  30. Risk Legacy (boardgame)
  31. King of Tokyo (boardgame)
  32. Mashup (boardgame)
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