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2D artist/Concept artist


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Hi guys! Check out my portfolio at jabbourjk.wix.com/jabb
I'm always looking for new opportunities. My contact information is there as well, you will get the quickest reply from me via email. Hope to work with you soon!



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Hey Jabb !


Maybe just a few insights on the flow of your website. When browsing through other people's work I always prefer landing first on a page that shows content. I also wouldn't put the "contact tab" in the middle of the menu bar. It's quite standard to have it as the last tab. Talking about the contact tab, I personally wouldn't put my Skype contact in there (keeps away the creeps). I always find it more professional to have an email and a link towards a LinkedIn page (if you don't have one you should. It's a great online "business card"). What I like to see from concept artist is how they convert what they are told into actual concrete work (for example: "I was asked to provide concept for a character X. This was what was requested (you list the stuff) and this is what I did). You don't need to write big paragraphs about what precisely was asked of you, just some bullet points to give me an idea of how you translated a request into concrete work. I would also go for a different color on your description text under your name. Instead of grey continue with white ? 


Hope this helps :)

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Late, but thank you so much! I really really appreciate the advice! I've actually changed portfolio sites since the last one you saw and I'm going to definitely implement your advice.

I'm also available for work now! 

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