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Environment Art: John Emerson


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I was thinking the same thing. If you want to mention something about your experience in the title, maybe Junior would be good? You can also opt to leave the experience prefix entirely and just say you're a Producer. I don't think anyone will look down on that as long as you're honest in your CV. Either way that's not what's gonna keep them on your page, it's the content.

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Yep totally agree with Stefan :)

I also caught that in your text "I employ my educational background as managing member of...". I'd maybe put that in the first few sentences then mention your experience with 2D art, 3D, etc. I feel like it sounds more producer-ish. Just an idea. 

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Hey there again John ! 

I've read your introduction and I think there's some little tweaks you could do in there (my opinion of the course :)). I've also dug a little deeper in your portfolio. 

I'd really try to replace anything with "aspiring". Maybe Junior like Stefan said ? I wouldn't say "high level understanding" I think I would just go for "understanding". Some producer are very knowledgeable of pipeline stuff (anyone correct me if I'm wrong). In fact I would write this sentence with a different angle. More like... "I am a junior producer with a wide range of interests in game development things" and then mention what you like to do. In your enumeration of things you created I'd place game design documents first. I feel that for a producer it might be more important cause producers organize things, write things... For the "ultra-low resolution settings" I would rephrase that. I know what you mean, you know how to do low-poly things, but it could come off as I have this super high rez model and just put the quality settings to "low". "I employ my educational background" is super cool. The way it's phrased though I'm sort of waiting for a "I employ my experience with this ----- to do this". There's just the "to do" bit that's missing (example: I employ my expertise at climbing rocks. (To walk 4 steps at the time... that sort of thing)). Dude real talk... Your 3D things rock wayyyy harder than the 2D things. I was expecting concept art stuff. In the 3D part I would put that power up (that is totally siiiiick) way up there. So people don't have to scroll to uncover cool shit. The title for the things in the 2D art section are barely readable same thing for the 3D art bit. Imagine your readers to be a grandma who lost its glasses and has an attention deficit problem haha. In your resume I would say either "non-professional" or "personal", because they both mean the same things. 

Hope this helps. Making a nice portfolio is the most fucking hardest thing seriously. 

I know someone who's done some pretty cool stuff in a producer role at EA here in Vancouver and you know what he did back when he was junior, he made time organization sheets and pipeline sketches to prove he understood game producing stuff (waterfall things). If you do that you could showcase that in your website. That could make people go like... yep he's a producer he knows what needs to be done :). Just an idea. 

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Adjusted it per SuperDuperYeah's critique. I will be looking into scanning some of the more producer type things to include on the website that are not NDA'd (or simply creating some). Please let me know how it reads now and if there are any additional changes I should consider aside from content additions. Thanks all! The critiques are awesome.

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Hey everyone,

So after some deep soul searching, I have decided to begin the process of re-teaching myself 3D basic concepts to work towards becoming an Environment Artist. I have changed my portfolio site to be at https://johnemerson.artstation.com/. I am currently beginning work on brand new portfolio pieces to completely replace the ones currently on there - but would love some feedback regarding what to get rid of ASAP. Thankfully, my wife is on board with me deciding to work towards this (although I will keep working in the meantime at my day job).

Also, I am currently looking for a potential tutor for 1 on 1 sessions to help me improve. I would be willing to pay a fee for this service, but serious tutors only who can structure a path and guide me. Please PM if you're potentially interested in helping me out.

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