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Here is the description that came with it:

You play just like it's a HL2 campaign, but it's online with your buddies! Play as Rebels or Combines; the strategies and objectives are different:

-Combines objectives:

1- Reach and unlock the Precinct 15 sector door to gain access to the Rebels area.

2- Blowup the Rebels weapons truck hidden behind the Rebel HQ to cut-off their heavy armament supplies.

3- Destroy the Control Room inside the HQ to destroy the whole place.

-Rebels objectives:

1- Prevent the Combines from reaching the sector door.

2- Defend the weapons truck and most importantly the Control Room.

3- Deliver Alyx, "frozen" and held in the Combines base and bring her back to the HQ to teleport her back to Kleiner's lab.




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Is it just me or are the outdoor areas better looking than the indoor areas in the majority of maps? It's like the parts have changed since HL1.

I have yet to see a really memorable, original and well done indoor area that's not just filled with props in source .

just you wait ;D

i'm doing an indoor map atm

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Well, i think that when the first people started mapping for HL1, the standards were (if i look back) quite low. Make a decent map with HL textures and you've got yourself a winner. In the end we saw maps like industrywest, laguna, shogun and morningstar and people would make their own props, textures, skylines and sometimes even sprites and sounds. Right now people are just too impressed with how the engine makes everything look cool, and they'll just use a shitload of the same props. But i think that in a few years, when the standards have skyrocketed (eh? whatever!), whenever we see one of the first maps again we'll giggle, and change the subject.

Anyway, on the map, i just don't like the visuals, but it's great to see some original concepts in gameplay!

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