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Thanks. I'm not set on the name. How does de_ore sound?


de_ore = Dior?




I like twinstar mining as a corporation, that looks good, bit of back story if you will. As a name maybe not so much, and I'm definitely not liking de_ore :P


Africa is known for it's conflict diamonds and minerals, I'm a massive fan of abstract but relevant names, so maybe simpy just de_conflict?


You say Africa, but this is specifically congo. I think the same applies with the name :)




I haven't played it yet, but it looks like fun! Would be good to see a jungle theme successfully implemented



There are other possible locations besides congo - like niger for example.



A good name is allways a tough one. I like de_ore because it's short and gets the point across, de_mineral is also good for the same reasons.

My initial working title back then was de_ormico by the way (short for Ore Mining Corporation). But it was dismissed because I thought nobody would remember a name like that.




:lol: lold

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Since an update is long overdue, it's time to show some progress.

I've reworked some areas and started to add materials and props. As for now, all the props still need their texturemaps. It's just the stamped uv-maps atm. They will propably turn out yellow / white at the end.

I'm also trying to get the lighting going. Overall I'm going for a reddish/orangy dusk-setting with some cooler areas inside buildungs and underground. The jungle part is still a bit undecided.






bombsite A:


bomsite B:




Album on Imgur


As for a final name i thought that it might be best to keep it really simple. At the moment de_copper seems like a good idea to me.


Update in the Workshop

Please feel free to share some comments.



ps. Let's have a playtest soon.



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