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Gearbox, have my babies.


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Hopefully they're gonna refine those bright loud round arcadey squad command icons/cursors I saw from last E3's demo.

they're togglable. It's to aid the player in understanding what and how suppression works. I'd recommend sort of starting with them on and graduating into turning them off and playing more realistically.

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I see more of this now...

"Those things over their heads are stupid and useless!"

But I think after people play they will be glad GBX put them in, from what I can see the suppresion icons look like they'll be helpful.

I'm literally frightened to play BiA, not because its a horror or anything, but I think the AI is going to out-strategize and out-think me, and that thought scares me. I hate the thought of flanking an AI enemy only to realize he's already flanked you, and you meet up with them, they catch you by surprise, and all of a sudden you and your buddies are lying on the ground and you get a "game over" screen.

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