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[CS:GO] de_guard wip


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Hello MC.

I'm new here. Heard about the site through other map releases, been lurking around and stuff.

Quick introduction about my mapping experience. I've played around with hammer since cs:s, never released anything close to a map. Other then an aim_map of a friends house played at a lan once. 
Else this is the closes I've gotten to a proper release.

The map has been played test with a couple of friends. All seemed happy about it. I've made a couple of changes to the layout since but nothing major. 

Since I got the layout the task of detailing and texturing has become slowly more dull. Ran out of ideas of how make a house look unique and not having repetitive textures / details. Any kind of feedback on poorly done textures/details, design is welcome. 

Setting of the map is italy/inferno (something the likes). 
I pretty much need some insight on whether I'm going the right direction or need to redo the whole map again. Thanks for you're time.

NB! Missing stairs at CT spawn. Trees do weird sways. Nodraw textures in basement.

Screenshots in the imgur album.

Map file: 

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Seems very, very large from the screens. You can add detailwork like pillars embedded into walls to break up long flat walls. Also, the floating interior balcony with the staircase looks like it needs pillars to support it, if you're going for a realistic approach to your architecture. That or supports/trusses that connect to the adjacent walls only, rather than going all the way down to the floor like a pillar would.

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Thanks for the feedback.
Not the first time I heard people say it feels large. Like rotation times from A to B is 12ish seconds. Both sites are rather open while the mid area is close quarters. I'll look into the balcony!

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Completely redid the map. Made it a tad smaller. More high differences and both bombsite done ish.




With paint skills:




A connector: 



A bombsite: 



A bombsite T sided connector:

Mid Connector:

Second mid T side:

Second mid / B connector CT side:

Mid T side

B connector T side:

B bombsite:

Hope you enjoy. Having massive troubles making the overview work in game. No theme planed yet. Thinking of learning Blender to implement new models. 

Link to download

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your google drive link is set on private, you have to change the permission to anyone with a link so that i can download it


Made drastic changes to the map. As the other version didn't fit the idea I got for a theme and it was boxed out terrible. Leaks bad angles on boxes, overlapping so on so forth.

Anyway I made a version I'm much more happy with and is eager to get tested. However my overview won't cooperate. Would you or someone else happen to know how to fix this? 



notics how far off the overview.

dds file I used: LINK

and Values used: scale 3.5 x: - 1546 y: 1947

Now public download link for map: LINK


New screens album LINK

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The text file you linked does not include the map name header.  Did you include "void1" at the top? (looks like you did)


Have you tried with a whole number for the scale to see if that works?


Did you use cl_leveloverviewmarker to crop the minimap?


Do you have any backup/archive versions of the dds in any csgo directories?


I usually have to go through the whole process a couple of times before it lines up correctly. :)

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