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[CS:GO] ar_cubicle


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Hey guys, Im new here. Ive been on and off mapping for years, but this is the first map I consider playable enough to put up on the workshop.


Basically the idea was to create an arms race map that was symmetrical, like the Valve maps, but make it not look so symmetrical. One of  the things I disslike about the Valve arms race maps is that they are litterally mirror imaged.

Im hoping with enough testing I can balance the map so that it plays well. From there I will get into beautifying the map.


Workshop link:











It needs a lot of work. I would really appreciate any feedback anybody can give me on what to fix.

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Well I whipped up another little map and instead of shamelessly promoting it I figured I would just add it to this thread.

If a mod wants to change the thread title to "[CS:GO] Disco Potato's Continuing Map Thread" I would greatly appreciate it.


I wanted to learn to use displacements a little better but insipration for a map was in limited supply. So I created a variation of the old fy_iceworld map. I know its not super original, but I tried to make a visually interesting experience out of the super-simple layout.










Workshop link:


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