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[CS:GO] Southern France


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One of the projects I've recently been putting quite some hours in is this one. I'm recreating the deathmatch map 'Southern France' (or mohdm1) from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Currently done with the inital brushwork and finally felt confident enough to show some people.


Note; Zero effort has been put into lighting and textures yet; only the rough brushwork is done.


Eyecandy if I may say so:









Now the huge task of texturing, lighting and detailing lies before me..

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Oh my.. I might actually have time this weekend to make some progress on this again! Luckily there's been progress though, but as I can never get happy about textures, I ended up spending a lot of time making my own textures, making normalmaps for existing ones etc. Until I realized that DoD:S actually features several French maps where the architexture is similar to the style I'm applying. 


So suddenly, tons of resources have become available for me to use instead of having to make everything from scratch :) I'll see to it that I post some updated screenshots later this weekend!

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I don't think there's one texture that I'm satisfied with at the moment. Heavy, heavy WIP I'd call it.


I should start giving lighting a little attention because I find that most textures appear too dark for the sunny southern French atmosphere that I was going for. Changing the skybox helps that as well I guess. Motivation is back at least now that I manage to squeeze in 1,5-2 hours a day of free time  :?


Ah well, at least you guys get to view some huge pictures;










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