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[NEOTOKYO] Nt_Yuki_ctg


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Hiya folks, first time posting here so excuse me if I am in error.


I'll explain my situation, as it relates to this map. I recently graduated from a Games Design Course, and I'm now looking to develop more of my portfolio as it is a bit shabby at the moment. This is an older map I did back at the end of 2012 as part of an Independent Project subject, and now that I've come back to mapping again I'm thinking of finishing it. 

Problem is, the game it was made for isn't really played any more, so I'm scared of wasting my time making a map that no one will play and thus no one will care about. On the other hand, I actually want to fully finish a map for once, as I'm sure anyone can appreciate. 


The map is in need of some serious re-design, but there are some elements which tested very well and are still personal favourites, so I'm thinking of pulling it apart and re-using the elements.




http://imgur.com/a/PfVXi = Imgur Album. 



Anyway, thoughts on the map and my situation?

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If your future changes will take time, why to don't recreate a map inspired by this last one for a game like cs: go ?
A lot of players will be ready to test and play to your map. Also, that could be more interesting for your portfolio to have a map for game more renowned.

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Hello Harley, interesting to see a fresh NT map. What Hashtag has mentioned makes perfect sense, it will likely be a lot more worthwhile to develop a map for a game without a limited playerbase. But as I'm a NeoTokyo player, I feel the need to urge you to continue development on this map. NeoTokyo still has a dedicated playerbase, albeit small, but I can assure you additional maps would not go unnoticed or unappreciated within the NT playerbase. However I do understand your concern, its hard to find motivation to work on something that may never see the light of day or make it onto a server rotation. 


I'll leave this here




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