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[CS:GO] ctf_facingworlds - Capture the Flag


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Note: Focus for this map was on the gameplay, not on the visual aspects of the map.


I've had to rewrite the entire gameplay of the map to Vscripts as dedicated servers weren't handling the entity based version properly, causing it to bug on them.


It took a while since I've had to basically learn Squirrel (scripting language for CS:GO) from scratch and there's little documentation. It should now work properly and definitely more solid than before. Also added a few extra features since Vscript allowed me to do so easier than via entities.


If feedback is as good as the first time I released this I expect to release the gameplay stuff as a prefab somewhere next week so others can create CTF maps that suit CS:GO better than this example map.


Rating is appreciated ;-)





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I had a ton of fun playing this, I was so giddy lol. The fact that we can't load this up and play it on 100 servers is one of the things I hate about the move to matchmaking with CS:GO... Still, I love your work here, it really is fun.

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Thanks for the kind words, I had a blast as well. Time to move on for me though; I'll fully support anyone that feels like creating CTF maps for CS:GO, but I originally had no intention to even release this until I got word of several request topics :). The server I listed above doesn't function, after a week of fiddling around where it kept failing to stick to a single map, I decided to cancel the subscription.


Currently working on a nice deathmatch map, after that I'll likely look into making other gamemodes again, as I have a few other WIP's in that area :)

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