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Evolve (Turtle Rock Studio's new baby)


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So nobody here talked about this one.




I'm sure pretty excited since the fail of Alien colonial Marine. Also I wasn't convinced by the awkward NS2.




The concept is a MP game where 4 soldiers with theirs own skills fight a growing creature. Interesting ! Read the article on GameInformer.

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Haha hadn't thought of that Thrik, but totes :)


Sounds cool, but the stuff on the GI page doesn't detail that much more than what leaked a while back when THQ bankrupted. Can't wait to hear and see more about this, love the idea of asymmetrical MP, especially when it's 1 strong player vs. a couple of weaker ones that gotta work together.

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I wonder if the monster is player controlled?


Anyway, more coop action from Turtle Rock means I'm excited!


Yeah it is! You can win by annihilating the whole players in the same time or by doing some goals like breaking a shield protector and killing civilians inside! xD Ahah

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Oh man this sounds like it could be fun. I love playing as the infected in L4D and if this monster/alien is bigger and badder than the infected in L4D and can cause a load of havoc it's gonna be awesome :D

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2 left 4 dead clones announced in one day ? craziness! the other one i am talking about is : http://www.polygon.com/2014/1/6/5281952/outrise-where-shadows-of-the-colossus-meets-left-4-dead


I never really got into left 4 dead and even though i though the concept was cool the post apocalyptic middle america with zombies setting was totally sucked dry ages ago.


But these 2 are sci fi ... and very different sci-fi... so yeah I am cautiously optimistic for both!

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Definite buy!

Turtle Rock has been working on Evolve for three years.

There will be a solo 'experience' in Evolve, though Turtle Rock is not yet willing to talk about it.

A studio spokesperson says Evolve will feature "very lush and large outdoor environments" with "a lot of AI wildlife"

The monster player will leave tracks for hunters to follow as well as other "visual and aural clues".

The monster player will be able to feed on wildlife in order to grow larger and more fearsome

The game is designed for 1-vs-4 multiplayer, though fewer than that can participate in a session, with AI filling out the team. Players can switch between AI characters.

The story of Evolve involves the settlement of humanity on distant planets. The biggest frontier planet is called Shear. Hunters are tasked with making these dangerous, alien-infested planets hospitable to colonists, though aliens of Shear have evolved rapidly during the course of humanity's presence.

While Hunt mode pits four human players against a human controlled monster until the death, the monster player can complete objectives in order to win.

Weapons have unlimited ammunition.

Hunters can only die and be revived three times before they're officially ousted from the game.

Classes include Assault, Medics, Support and Trappers. Assault focuses on aggression, Medics can provide health boosts to the team, Support can apply various power ups and shields to the team, while Trappers can contain the monsters.

Evolve will also boast a progression system for both characters and items.

In addition to Hunt mode, more modes will feature.

Evolve will be supported by post-launch content, but Turtle Rock stopped short of confirming DLC.


source: http://www.oxm.co.uk/68998/first-evolve-xbox-one-gameplay-details-solo-play-open-world-classes-wildlife-more/

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Bit more information:



They’ll need to dodge, seeing as ‘Goliath’, the first revealed alien, will grow to 30-feet tall in its final evolution. It’s been called a hybrid of ape, snake and xenomorph. At first it can punch humans and climb walls, but will get to choose two new skills at evolution level one, then one more with each level gained.


Examples noted include throwing rocks, leaping large distances and breathing fire. It should be noted however that hunters will also fight against the map’s wildlife, which can also be as tall as the Goliath itself. Once the Goliath eats enough wildlife it starts to evolve in a cocoon state, which leaves it vulnerable for a short while. The beast can move stealthily or as standard, leaving destruction and huge footprints in its wake. It’ll be hard to miss once fully evolved.



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