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PAID: Seeking Talented Level and Prop Artist, with Social Media Skills


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Hi everyone!


Thanks to the recent holiday rush on ProBuilder, I'm finally in a position to throw the dice and hire on some dedicated part-time help! Coming straight to the MapCore community, since I've seen so much talent and (more importantly) self-motivation here.


To pre-summarize, I need someone to create fun, exciting, inspiring visuals, anything you like at all, using my tool "ProBuilder". Then, use the awesome content you create to spread the word and build awareness of what is possible with the tool, how easy/fun/powerful it is, etc. (If you don't already know ProBuilder- it's dead-simple and you'll learn it in no time, especially if you are a Hammer user)


This is a Paid Position- no "for experience" BS! :)


Title: Creative Content & Social Media

Pay: $20/hour, + 5% Commission

Job Summery: Create visually exciting and appealing content that showcases what can be created with ProBuilder for Unity 3D. Then, use this content to market ProBuilder via forums, social media, and other online methods.


Work Location: Working remotely is just fine, although if you are in the LA, USA area and able to meet occasionally, that's a big plus! I will need you to be available for Skype conversations, as well.


In Detail: I believe what ProBuilder needs, is someone to consistently create great looking visuals and show them to the world. You will have nearly complete artistic freedom, and exploring many different styles, genres, inspirations, etc, is encouraged required! The goal is to have a constant stream of media showing that virtually anything is possible with ProBuilder, and how easy/fast/fun it is to use.


The second part of this effort is simply getting the content "out there", via as many channels as possible, for example:

  • Posting daily updates via our official social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, possibly Google+)
  • Posting tutorial and/or timelapse videos on our Youtube channel
  • Posting to the Unity forums, and elsewhere online

Currently, I am only hiring on for about an hour of work each day- this means jumping into Unity, have a good time working on some content for about 45 minutes, then post some screenshots/news/info/etc. Technically, you can split up the time however you like, with at least a quick post to Twitter/Facebook each day. As more funds become available (thanks to your efforts!), I do hope to hire on full-time, including work for a major game we are currently developing!


Regarding the 5% Commission- since (currently) I can only pay directly for 10 hours/week, this 5% is intended to encourage a bit of overtime, for those motivated to do so. Commission would be calculated on gross sales income. For example, that would have been about $1500 for December!


To Apply: Please submit via email a paragraph or so about yourself, and links to your website, portfolio, etc. Past experience is great but not required- just skill and self-motivation. 




Thanks for looking, and if you are interested, please don't hesitate to email me with questions, or post here. I think this will make a very rewarding and enjoyable side-job for the right person, and will almost certainly grow into much more.



Gabriel W

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