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The Expendables 3


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Went to the premiere yesterday. The theater was packed. Everybody was laughing and clapping throughout the movie because it's really a solid piece of entertainment. It's by far the best of the trilogy. It has better pacing, better action sequences, it's more coherent throughout and has better performances overall. I'm also glad they stepped away from the slapstick humor which became a bit too much in part 2. There's more humor in this one but it's better and actually more clever. Snipes, Banderas and Gibson really steal the show. Especially Banderas is hilarious. Only downside is some really crappy CGI. So in short, if you like 80's action, go see this.


PS: I wasn't happy with the PG13 rating but really, there's so much violence in this flick that I didn't even miss it. I'm sure we'll have an uncut BR release.

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