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Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar

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To farm space corn you idiot.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyc6RJEEe0U   http://www.interstellarmovie.com/index.php

Interstellar the movie which learn you more about gravity, relativity, quantum physics and PogoP sexual life.

Alright, just watched it yesterday... I came out of the cinema with a sense of awe that I don't think I've ever felt before. I literally walked out thinking "This is the 2001 movie that kids of our generation will get to watch, what a fucking roller coaster ride"


I just loved everything about it, down to the design of the ships, suits, etc. It all feels so real in a good way, but still leveled up. It's not overly sci-fie'd like most movies do with fancy screens and whatnot. It's the most grounded sci-fi I've ever watched since Alien, it feels everything they do could actually work and exist in real life, but it still feels cool to watch.


I just... the fuck man, I'm lacking words to express how much I fucking loved this movie. I try to rewatch the movie in my mind and think about my favorite scenes and everything just ticks, everything just works, everything is just extremely well made.


To those who haven't watched it yet, this might just be one of the those movies that marks a generation, so go watch it on imax 70m while you still have the chance, I beg you!

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This was very awesome. I'm surprised how well resolved the movie was in the end. I can't think of any loose ends or plotholes. Everything makes a lot of sense and it's not the mindfuck that people were making it out to be. Very very good. Could for sure be a bit shorter with less earth and more space parts, and mcconaughey acting a little less mcconaughey-ish. All the space parts were awesome, felt like an oldscool space adventure movie at times. Can we talk spoilers yet? The robots owned

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pretty sure that's intentional :P


same with the tesseract/bookshelf scene, very obvious 2001 reference:



Though I have to say they kept the 2001 references pretty light, and the movie definitely stood on it's own :). I actually don't think they are very similar movies at all, story wise and thematically

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Was pretty good. I'm not really as blown away by it as most of you, but it had some really awesome sci-fi ideas and I like how it tackles ideas and concepts that can be pretty hard to wrap your brain around in fairly accessible ways.


Plus when a movie is nearly 3 hours long and it feels like time passes by extremely quickly then that's a pretty good sign :)

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I loved it, great acting, good plot that was quite believable, shit felt grounded but enough cool moments to make it entertaining. Was far enough out there to allow for some very awesome scenes without being completely nonsense.


Cinematography was jaw dropping, music fit perfectly, and the script had just enough humor to make it feel real.


I got a little muddled up at the end, which seemed to happen really fast and lacked the careful explanation they made earlier on in the movie, seemed a little rushed, as if it was easier to turn a blind eye to the science and theories there.


Nevertheless, brilliant movie, will buy on blueray and try to get my head around all the subplots and deeper meaning inside.

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Even over a week later I still really enjoyed this movie. Im going to go see it again this following weekend. It was just so good. The story being told via a movie as the medium may or may not of been the best choice, because the Story is deep and has a lot of information packed into it that may be hard for some people to grasp or appreciate in a 160 minute run time or so, especially with out any prior information or will to research stuff after seeing it, but overall I think its a phenomenal movie. 

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