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Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar

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To farm space corn you idiot.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyc6RJEEe0U   http://www.interstellarmovie.com/index.php

Interstellar the movie which learn you more about gravity, relativity, quantum physics and PogoP sexual life.

Good but not great, felt the storyline kept jumping from one thing to the other haphazardly too much, it didn't gel like it did so well in Inception.Struggled to hear some of the dialogue as well, especially from Mcconaughey, too much muttering. Great effects and soundtrack though, as you'd expect with Nolan and the acting was pretty good.

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Wowowo I can check this thread back right now I saw the movie. :)


So I think we need to keep the spoiler for later until the others take their time to go watch it.


The only feeling I want to share is that kind of feeling to watch a movie where you don't agree the beginning but then being so surprised with what happen at the end!


Can wait to take my hands on the soundtrack.

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Saw it two nights ago with my wife. While we both really liked the acting and the concept my wife nodded off for a few minutes.  (3 hour movie...she can sleep through anything.)   Even though she stayed awake for almost all of it she still peppered me with questions about wtf was going on in this thing.  


While I really enjoyed the movie, explaining it made me realize Interstellar is kind of Inception to Inception, mainly due to the  

time dilation that turned an hour into 7 years on that planet with the massive tidal waves

and etc.  I understand but when they explained that I realize now that that was one of the times my wife nodded off.  


Otherwise thumbs up.

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