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U.S. ends search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction


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What kind of question is that?

You are making it sound like the US shouldn't have to explain this shit to the world.

Yes there were other countries involved, but they were lead by the US and their false propaganda.

Why do the US have to explain why their sources were wrong? Because they went to war based on a bunch of unfounded rumors.

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President Bush used such expressions as "we know that there are" after previously stating that "we believe that they have" indicating that they had sound intelligence on the matter.

This waterproof evidence was obviously never revealed to the public as there wasn't any and they were aware of it since they were desperately searching for ties between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and some other implausible reasons to go to war. Most countries, however, wanted proof before taking any action.

Nothing was found, so the original reasons for the war faded away, making more room for such powerful words as freedom and democracy. It was suddenly about liberating the people of Iraq from the hands of an evil dictator.

While it was true that Iraq wasn't exactly a model country for human rights or freedom of speech, the majority lived fairly normal lives as opposed to the current situation. Now the country is in a chaotic condition and the actual death toll is staggering on both sides. Ironically, Bush is still talking about spreading freedom which will supposedly make the world a safer place. Also, why would an election make any difference in such conditions? Is it supposed to miraculously make the problems in Iraq go away?


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"Let us in your palace so we can check it for weapons of mass destruction or else..."

"...or else?"

"Or else we will write you a letter which says how angry we are about you not letting us in the palace!"


Last time I checked, President Bush went to war on the grounds that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, not that they were checking for WMD. Thats what weapons inspectors are for.

I suppose this is all in the master plan of President Bush "securitzing" the world.

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