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Disappearing brushes in CS:GO Hammer.


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So, does this happen to anyone else when trying to use Shaded/Textured 3D view in CS:GO hammer?



I don't really understand what the problem is.   Basically, textures aren't being rendered, but the brushes remain selectable.   If I use "fullbright" (non-shaded), it works fine...but that's not exactly a workaround I'm happy with.   Any suggestions?

I'm running on an AMD Radeon 7850, Windows 8 x64...newest drivers (catalyst 13.11 betas)

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They need to fix their stuff.  That's utterly ridiculous.

it's really not ridiculous. there is hardly a difference between textured and shaded...and shaded has never really made any sense to me, anyway, since there is no real lighting in hammer.

also, textured is actually more accurate if you do any sort of coloring to your props.

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