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So one of the (few) good things to come out of the VGX show was this. Really came out of nowhere, but it looks awesome. I love the 1950/60s comic book-esque style of some of the art. Also - Dune refer

Once the dust settles, I would love to hear Sean Murray's perspective including all the behind-the-scenes information (especially on their relationship with SONY) that explain the 60$ price tag, why f

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haha totally :)
I think no man's sky is like fuel for our (for my) imagination you see... I just enter the game and my mind travels away... I'm enjoying play on the pc because of mods... Unfortunately the gameplay is not awesome... so and i'm using some mods to improve ship handling, remove the timer to make actions. Also a mod who adds forests and change size of trees (some planets now have gigantic forests) And this dinosaur with severe collision issues :DD


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2 hours ago, Puddy said:

And if I'm not mistaken the worst thing that can happen is that they get a slap on the wrist. :P 

Yeah, the group investigating the false advertising only have the legal power to remove the marketing materials they deem as misleading, anything else would need to be escalated to some other organisation with more power.

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