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VGX 2013


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 Why it's VGX not VGA ?
Anyways i kept awake until 3am, and i wish i had more sleep cause this was very VERY lame, Hosts were lame, jokes were lame, but fuck it, i watched it cause i wanted some GAMES.
But shiiet no games either, so whats the point ? You can make a GTA 5 concert anyways, and talk with GD people about games, but not showing them. Man where are the times where "trailers" were actual trailers with gameplay and shit. Today is a tech demo OR story without a gameplay, and IF there is a 3 sec of gameplay everyone is going crazy cause we SAW GAMEPLAY, lol

if someone missed it, here it is :) if you see this, you haven't missed anything

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Wow, i didn't bother to look for the show this year... but VGX suggested to be an even bigger event than last year, was it just me? They had friggin' Samuel L. Jackson on a stage as big as MTV Music Awards, now it sounds the clapping audience are the gaffer and cameraman. Geoff's buddy is a complete dick, and is sitting beside Geoff, i mean.

I dunno, probably everybody is busy playing with their new consoles or working on developing the games and have no time for this bullshit.

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Who is that guy? a new co-host?


They always hire some random person to host VGX, typically Hollywood stars, resulting in really awkward moments. It's even weirder when they constantly crack jokes about Pac-man and Mario, which were painfully obvious it was the last games they've played.


This year they hired a even worse host, no one knows who he is, he cracked horrible jokes about drugs and being drunk, and needing to be high to make games, game developers need to sell a kidney to afford a flight to LA to come to this thing, between many other cringe-worthy "jokes". Seriously, this was painful to watch and this shit needs to end.


That said, geoff keighley was actually very professional and you can tell he loves games.

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