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What was your first ever map?


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I made the classic 2 rooms connected by a hallway in Worldcraft for HL1. That was the first time I learned what a leak was. Compiling was hell back then. Man, when I moved onto making a button that opened a door, I thought I was Carmack.

I had plans to create a full single player mod - I wonder if I still have the plans for all that. It was essentially just fighting through many floors of a black mesa skyscraper.

After making many many test maps I eventually started working on HLDM maps and then DoD maps.

Who remembers the 30-60-90 minute map contests? I found a zip file full of hundreds of those the other day.

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Well I guess my first finished map ever was a Heroes of Might and Magic 3 one. I played it with a friend, we were bro in the game and had to be prepared for an attack from a heroes full of dragons, then find the way to his castle and beat it.


I underestimated the time we need to have a good army to fight him so he totally defeated us :D


After that it was a cs map, aztec style after some try on Hl1. It was in 2003/4

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Maybe first thing was a Red Alert map for me too. But as all the humble newbies, i started an sp add-on for HL1 and was going overboard with scripted events to make the world feel rich and my intention was to modify the code to create some more realistic weapons (fire selection and stuff like that).

I didn't have a precise plan so I think i did build 3-4 maps set in Black Mesa and half on Xen before abandoning the project because teachers wouldn't let me bring it at my high-school dissertation and had to participate into a web-dev project instead :(

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Haha, great thread! :)


First map, 2-room, 1 corridor, 1 light Worldcraft tutorial level.


Second, ambitious city-themed Team Fortress Classic level that I only ever made half of (planned to rotate). It was amazing (in my own mind) but way too ambitious and over-scaled.


Thirdly, I think I finally made a TFC (possibly Counter-Strike) map set in Beirut, I wasn't going for it, I think it actually turned out OK, which I even playtested with several people online... although a guy I met in a mapping forum online who supplied me with awesome textures later told me he'd ripped them from Rainbow Six, lol! Oh, one awful, awful, awful shameful thing I made were dark 'secret' areas... like Duke Nukem style... around the capture/bomb/objective areas that in the first (and probably only) playtest only I knew about... eek.

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I dabbled with a bunch of Quake 1 maps - before I knew how to adjust the Worldcraft grid from 64, I made this map of "Hell" that was a big blocky metal mess with a 1-unit thick lava plane (since, you know, if you sized lower than the grid size it'd snap to 1). You'd fall through the lava into a huge open floor full of Zombies with no cover. It was amazing.

My first playable map was a Half-Life DM map called "The Maze" in 1999. I made it for a LAN party; it's a silly map where you run around the bottom but then go up ramps on the side to try and jump the gluon gun at the ceiling. In hindsight I actually kind of almost started to know what I was doing, which is neat.


My first released map was "Planet Half-Life HQ," a map I made for the PHL HL1 DM map challenge back in 2000/01. I didn't finish in time for the competition deadline, but that contest gave me the motivation I needed to finally FINISH a map instead of just messing around for months. The momentum from that led me to release a whole bunch of other HL1 DM maps that summer, leading to discovering a mod called Natural Selection that fall, and the rest is history. :)


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It all began when I bought a book which contained solutions for all doom I & II levels, plus a cdrom with a shareware copy of the game and the level editors. Unfortunately the shareware game doesn't allow you to load custom maps, which I could only do some years later when I finally got a full copy of the game. I remeber that the first maps were tests, like openning up a stock map and messing around with walls and floors. The first real map was some building, in which I discovered that doom couldn't handle 3D floors. As a workaround I though about making the map split in many maps, one per floor, but I've never finished it.


From doom I came to know duke 3D, from duke 3D unrealED, from unrealED gtkradiant and id tech 3. That's pretty much my storyline.

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probably 5-6 years ago, tried to recreate anomalous materials and segments of the office complex from op4.


also did your typical source fare, did a subway map, a sewage plant thing where i figured out water couldn't be on the z plane and some other relatively generic stuff while feeling out how things generally worked


then i really got started with rostok, that's been worked on since 2010 although a lot of that time was kind of spent doing what amounted to a bunch of still lifes to fine tune things i guess. it was a lot of coming to understand not only the editor but the game i was working on.

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Well, my first map was probably for Heroes 2. I can remember that I have spent more time in the Editor than actually in the game itself. The terrain painting and the overall cuteness of the game was just too addictive :-D That was in the late 90's, then I just remember the fragments of messing with Starcraft editor and Aurora toolset Beta (Neverwinter Nights), but never released anything, until 2004. Then it became pretty serious with Hammer meeting the Natural Selection and since then it was pretty solid addiction until now  :)


It took me over a year to pull up my first map for NS1. I have made all the classical beginner mistakes, same mentioned in this topic :), and I have had to scrape all my work several times due to the technical inexperience with Goldsrc. In the end, I have decided that I should to focus on smaller project first and gain some experience before moving onto something more ambitious. So as my first map I consider co_Overmind - combat map for NS1, but that was just a springboard to produce ns_Hulk, for which I was aiming (unsuccessfully) from the beginning. 

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