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Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse Adventure


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Dude, it's out in three days! I backed this ages ago, and while the development updates have been a bit worrying at times it looks like the end result is going to be really sweet.





I was originally really sceptical about the 2D/3D hybrid, but after adjusting their shaders and style fuckloads of times it looks like they got it. They just need to put new screenshots out now that show the current style because the existing stuff is all alpha shit. I guess they'll be hitting sites with shots/videos soon.


Apparently because they exceeded their goal so much the game was split into two, with one coming out in December and one early next year. It's all one game I guess, but they say each half is the length of the previous Broken Sword games so who can complain?  :-D


I used to love the original two Broken Sword as a kid, seriously the best adventure games out there right below Monkey Island 1–3 and Grim Fandango. With Double Fine's Broken Age coming out next year it's a pretty awesome time for adventure game fans again. :D


I love how they've updated the classic Nico's apartment, tickling my nostalgia bones:





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I think so. After the awesome original two Broken Sword games, adventure games kind of died as a genre. Two not-so-great 3D sequels were made largely as a cash-in by the publishers, and most of the development team was gone. Even big fans of the series didn't like those so much, myself included.


This new game is a return for a lot of the original team, and of course the original designer. They know a lot of people didn't like/play the later games so it's a self-contained story, although fans of the classics will obviously enjoy it more as there'll be lots of references and some revisited locations. :D


PS: If this game disappoints me I will be building a team of assassins. All interested parties please sign below.

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