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CSGO: de_rostok


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hi there, just looking for some objectve feedback on the gameplay and visuals for this map i've been working on


i used crazybump and ssbump to bake ssao into a couple of the textures for maximum graphics™ although i have to reskin two of the models at a later point in time


the lowest fps i saw with cl_showfps 4 was 135 with a 6950 and an amd phenom 2 x4 4 20(720BE) at 3.0ghz with multicore rendering enabled


see if you can find all the boys in blue and delicious meatballs i've hidden around the map


you can find a download link at the workshop here:







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bumping the thread with another update, big changes to visuals with new assets from overpass and dozens of small improvements/fixes compared to the version playtested earlier this december.


i have a server at if anyone wants to take a look at the map, it should be up and running properly after 4pm est (12/31) and will be available for a month if anyone is interested in helping conduct 10 mans

1/14 EDIT: BUMPS works and should be available for the next month



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It needs a better art direction. Right now the style is a bit all over the place, which isn't all that bad because Industrial sites contain mostly different styles of architecture. But this is a bit to much. I would recommend to gather some reference from the internet and copy some of their designs for a more consistent look. 

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It seems to be time to put another update out, just going to leave the old screenshots up and dump the new(100% more panoramic) screenshots in one post.


this update focused on tighening up several of the angles including the CT entry into A, adjustments to the encounter times at B and mid and a general art pass to some of the dated visuals.













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Cool test in general.
About Rostock I have something to say...
In general I think that the map is too complicated and could be better if you try to work on what I'll say :
- The global structure is too complex. The ideas are there but I think you should now simplify you architecture to render it less noisy.
- Simplify the routes, perhaps you have too many.
- I think you used too many textures for your complex. Try to optimise them and it will help a lot with the point I said above. 
The players should be detached from the wall and now it's a bit confused in some part of the map. 
There is a place where it works well ; it's in the outdoor area situated on the right of the terrorist spawn.
- Work on your lights and standardize them. Detach them from the ambient lighting...
I don't know how to say you that but...yeah try to industrialized them - more punch etc.
I also have these three screenshots for you (and two with the jump area I reported you during the playtest)
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