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UDK lighting question


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Hey guys ! noob udk question here i guess :)


I have this same object copied several times (very simple stuff with hard smoothgroups) but as you can see in the picture bellow, it doesn't seems to light the same in udk depending on it's position (or instance ?). There is no lightmaps baked on it, but it's there even if i bake one.


Do you have any idea from where it can come from ?





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Great idea Efreak :D but that's too late, the mesh is pretty simple, basically i also get that with simple modular planes (????)


The bleeding is an issue chainsaw, but i'm getting that before even baking something; so that's what is weird.



Oh and i'm using ASEs as meshes? maybe something coming from that ? :/


Anyhow thanks a lot guys! :)



edit:   that's what i get after baking, if you forget the bleeding errors :)  maybe it has something to do with the meshes not having any direct lights on them ? i dunno



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One thing that worked for me when I was baking models such as these, is aligning the edges of the UV unwrap perfectly to the grid. So 0.05 on the left hand side, 0.95 on the right. 0.05 on the bottom, 0.95 at the top. Try doing that, you have to be very specific.

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