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Well what do you know! The Sequel!

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Congrats! :D A tiny mapper!

And on that topic with mass-posting about babies, sometimes I just wish they could have an automatic-filter that removed any picture of babies, haha!


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Wow guys, I didn't expect such an massive response. Some of your answers really cracked me up. Thank you all very much!


man... I shit you not, a couple days ago, I was sitting in the can, thinking to myself, "man, we're all getting older at mapcore, we're all getting married, eventually we'll all starting having kids, cos you know eventually you'd wanna pass the torch, I wonder who's gonna be next?"


And now, this happens! :D


You are spending an awful lot of time on toilets HP. I mean, you told us about your portable games (fit for toilet time) and now all these epiphany's you're having. Perhaps you should eat more fibers dude :P


Great news for you, Sprony!
Even though having a child is something personal and I don't know you iRL, I'm really happy for you!


Lemme give a step ahead and ask this:

Name it Hurg.



I appreciate it dude. Told my wife about your suggestion this was her response:





Splendid news, we will soon have a wonderful collection of MapCore babies. Maybe it's time to introduce a page for photos of babies posed with MapCore merchandise... better get the store sorted out soon. :cool:


Tell you what, you put up that store and I'll post a baby shot in Mapcore merchandise ;)

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