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Well what do you know! The Sequel!


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You know, I'm very glad when a family is blessed with a newborn. I truly am. But some people go way too far in their enthusiasm. It's fine that your happy and proud. I can understand that. But please, there is no need to shove this down my throat every single day. I had to block or remove people from Facebook because they were posting non stop updates. Oh he smiled, picked his nose, waved his hand, etc. My cousin even went so far as to make a Facebook page for her child. So that's 10 updates from her and 10 in his name by her again.

Having said that, I always wanted to be a father but after 2 years of trying (the fun way and the not so fun way) I was about to give up when we decided to make a last stand in the final option that remained to us (long story). It worked and today we received the news that everything is fine and we're about to become parents in 6 months (if all goes well). After telling my inner circle, guess what's the first thing I wanted to do? Write about it and post it. The fucking irony!

But no way this is going on Facebook or stuff like that. I'm not a hypocrite. So I thought I would share it with you guys. Which is funny, since I don't know most of you but I fell in love with this community and I enjoy the interactions I have with some of you. Anyway, Mapcore is ensured of a new member in the future and who knows, one day we'll see a feature or map from him/her.


I knocked my wife up, about to be a dad, will be a new Mapcore member, fuck yeah!

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Thanks guys!


@Furyo: I hope this is the start of good news wave for you man!


Congratulations! Hope the pregnancy goes well for you. You're the one incubating the little one, right?

That seems like an excellent excuse for me about why I got fat!


Oh shit man, now you are fucked :v

Great news, congrats ! :cool:


This seems ftting:



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man... I shit you not, a couple days ago, I was sitting in the can, thinking to myself, "man, we're all getting older at mapcore, we're all getting married, eventually we'll all starting having kids, cos you know eventually you'd wanna pass the torch, I wonder who's gonna be next?"


And now, this happens! :D 

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