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World of Warcraft : Warlords of Draenor


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WoW is far from over. It's still an extremely populated MMO compared to the competition. 


It's over for me though. I played it actively for 3-4 years from Vanilla years and ultimately quit because it was just getting more of the same. Some of my most memorable moments in WoW was world pvp near Kargath, Tyr's Hand and such. I enjoyed PVE a lot too, but after 3 years of (very) hardcore raiding that gets boring after a while. Besides, there was a lot more community back then which made PvE more interesting for me. I played on the (arguably) most PVE-competitive server at its peak (Magtheridon) and there was a lot of personal rivalry between the guilds (especially if you had been playing for a while) which made it more interesting. 


I played PVE up until Ahn'Qiraj when I realized I was burned out. At one time I had given out my phone number to my guild leader so he could call me at 03:00 AM (it happened) if one of the dragon's spawned (loot you needed because of AQ). After that BC was released and I started grinding for gladiator arena rank. After getting the gladiator rank I sold my account for around $970 and never looked back. 


I'll also second what Taylor said regarding PvP. Most of the changes to PVP has been to limit or segregate the PVP from PVE by adding designated World PvP zones. The game doesn't make any attempt to utilize the fact that it spans an enormous world which would be a natural MMO quality to expand upon. Even something simple like Bounty-Hunting can help immensly by adding a personal and more intense layer to the PVP (anyone who BH jedi in SWG would agree).

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I never saw the appeal in WoW. I could pretty much tell I'd be burned out fast before even trying the game. Then again I was used to a higher caliber of MMOs before that, like DAoC. I went back and played DAoC a few years ago and it was still rock solid. I don't know many games that have similar lasting appeal. Here's to hoping this can bring that appeal back: http://camelotunchained.com/en/

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Very much looking forward to WoD. I have been playing wow since beta minus a couple breaks (mid-tbc and most of mop). I can only laugh at Taylor's post about it being lifeless and you'll never meet anyone again and blah blah blah. I just got back from blizzcon where 24 of my guildmates from around the US all flew in an hung out for 4 days. We have been playing for years now and it has branched out into many other games - but we always have that common ground in wow. We burned out from being a hardcore raiding guild at the end of cata and pretty much sat out all of mop (until we started a recent 10 man, we missed a good expansion). However, WoD seems to want to take it back to the TBC roots and it has a lot of my e-buddies excited.

WoW is an easy beast to hate - but its an awesome game in the truest sense of the word.

I do think they need to catch up with some other mmo's in terms of features- and you can see it in a lot of their WoD design choices. However it may just be too little too late with mmos like Wildstar knocking on the door. ESPECIALLY in terms of PvP - I have considered pvp dead in wow since TBC, unfortunately.

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So my friends trid to convince me to play World of Warcraft. I´ve always been uninterested in the game and refusing to play it. 

After alot (and i mean alot) of whining from my friends pleading and begging me to get the free trial and try it i actually did download it. I caved.

I created an Orc hunter and it felt like 5 minutes and then there i was, level 20. No more free play. I just got my first mount!

Naturally i did buy Draenor and all the upgrades, and the Draenor areas are so beautiful! Kids, do not play it. This game is worse than cocaine. 

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