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Road texturing : how would you do it ?


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Hi there,


I'm planing to try to model a street in a photorealist style, i've done several research about terrain/city creation, I would like to mimic this imag : http://download.gta-expert.it/uploads11/gta4_strade_hd_roads_gtxd_lordneophyte.jpg = have a variety of roads texture, signs etc...


But i don't know what fits best for it, i would like to maintain a good opti on it and have a nice render. Should i create several full textures with "road mark" variations (that would cost a lost in term of memory usage i think), or should i create some generic base textures and apply decals or alpha planes by hand ?


I searched how they did in GTA and open world with city, but couldn'tfind any article about it...


How would you proceed guys ?

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What are you making it in? bf4 used decals that could be stretched and bendt with splines


Same for Crysis 1, 2 and 3.


You can also do it in UDK with the spline bend entity, requires a few tweaks tho to work with a flat texture, that entity was mainly made to bend pipes and tubes but would also work for this.

You need a texture like this, make an alpha and paint out the green parts, and voilla.


Oh and yeah, the white stripes and dirt in the floor would be better off being decals that you overlay and place wherever you want, we also did this extensively specially in Crysis 2.


You can open the modSDK for Crysis 2 and open the level and study them out, the process is the same for every other game. I go through this process on my intro to CE3 eat3d videos if you wanna check it out as well.

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