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The Forest


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Hourence's new game has reminded me of a different survival game being developed with Cryengine Unity called "The Forest". I think a multiplayer co-op title could be even cooler and I'm on the fence regarding the

indigenous cannibals[/spoilers], but I'm a fan of LOST, Castaway et al and think this could be really cool. It certainly looks pretty. Here are two trailers:







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Bought this yesterday on Steam. Joined a coop game where we built some walls and defended ourselves against 2 Cannibals. Not so scary.

I then walked into the woods myself, looking for supplies, when i lost my way and all the atmosphere started to get creepy. Wind was blowing in th trees, every bush sounded like there was someone behind it. I got paranoid and scared to death, from the atmosphere. Good shit. Alt+F4. Will play more tomorrow.

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