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Fallout 4


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I think Skyrim looked great, sure the assets are not exactly state of the art but they did their job and never got in the way. If Fallout 4 looks a bit better than Skyrim then I'll be happy.


Don't think they have switched over to id tech, seems like they know gamebryo inside out and work well with that. I'd rather see them spend their time creating more unique towns, than years just painting mega textures  :P

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If this is the real deal, then I trust Bethesda to handle Fallout 4 in a way that does it justice.


I highly doubt they'd switch engines. The Creation Kit (or its G.E.C.K. equivalent after F4's release) is just so fantastic for Bethesda's purposes. It's just so easy for a level designer to build a vast array of different maps with modular assets. Their art and level design team is tiny - like in the double digits. For a game so structured off the idea of emergent gameplay, it's a great engine (although, notably - can definitely look dated at times).


I do hope, however, that Bethesda avoids some of the locked-in hand-holding it implemented in Skyrim. The fact I needed to mod the game to skip that long and trite beginning is pretty lame. Also, their main storylines have notably been lacking compared to random encounters and the side quests. I think they probably try too hard to make the main campaigns feel "epic" and end up trying to do too much.

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Looks like the official announcement is coming next week

The Survivor 2299

Sounds like the beeping might be morse code, probably some extra info there but my morse code skills are rusty


The morse code is another date. 11-12-13 (11th December 2013).


You know how Bethesda love to release stuff on dates which form some sort of pattern :P

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