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Fallout 4


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So let's talk rumors. It was hinted that it would take place in Boston. What are you guys expecting from this installment?


I've played Fallout 1 and 2 for hundreds of hours. Fallout 3 is a great game, I've put 80 hours in or so. The ending was lame but the DLC fixed that. It did feel less like Fallout though (I'm not talking about the switch in perspective). New Vegas (70 hours in) did a better job bringing some of that pitch black Fallout humor back.


Based on the site they registered it's going to take place in 2299. I personally hoped they would go back instead of forward. One thing I didn't like about later installments is that they took away the mysteries surrounding the Brotherhood and the Enclave. New Vegas did the same with the NCR and Ceasar's Legion. I would much rather see less of civilization and more of the Mad Max style the first 2 had. Gangs, small settlements, etc. 

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I seriously hope Obsidian picks this project, though it's most likely not gonna happen with them working on South Park and Project Eternity. I don't want another FO3, thank you very much.


Please, tell me what you dislike about Fallout 3?

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Didn't this just happen with Half-Life 3?  Seeing as Bethesda hasn't trademarked Fallout 3, I have my doubts that this is real.


Like previously stated this is the teaser site:




From the article:


Fallout 4 trademark filed by Bethesda


please look better


I love people that know how to read. Respect!

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