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[TF2] koth_brazil


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Hey guys, i'm working on this map since too much time, imo 200 hours of detailing, wich is actually way too long for such project.


But i'm near the release and sadly my inspiration in below 0, and I trully need some advices and ideas about some part of my map, Mapcore seems to be the perfect place for that.


Let me put some pics first :







So for that middle I based my work on that dish wich is located at arecibo, the control point itself is, has you can see I hope, based on a pillar wich support the fucking radar.


So I have two questions,


1. How can improve the looks of that pillar, without falling into the over-detailing either, and make it the main thing wich will catch the eye of the player instantly.


2. The scene behind looks kinda terrible actually imo, and I have no idea about how making it good looking, any ideas would be really appreciated.


It's still heavy WIP, the screens are based from a fast vvis/rad, so don't judge too much on the lighting atm. I want to rush it and finish it asap, but seeing how much work I have put on this map, I just can't make that :(


Anyway, all criticism will be really appreciated, i'm far to be a pro, and I still miss a lot of things, thanks !

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Dish is in the ground? Exactly on the edge? Well that's not usual, I'm not a dish expert but that looks like a cheap solution. As PyroGXPilot wrote, make it bigger.


This can be a "level about the giant dish radar" and that's good, you have identity, thing that most of custom TF2 levels doesn't have. Don't waste it :)


Good luck and have fun mapping!

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You could make the pylon more interesting by changing its colour (red-white is a commonly used combination, which will help drawing attention to it). Like this:




You could also add some parabole antennas, to make it stand out even more. It's pretty common for such pylons to support a lot of these dishes.





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I would consider making the dish (or bowl?) have less sides / more angular / more faceted, maybe 8 sides at most? so it catches light in a more interesting way, and so you can read the depth of it better? I think it works in tc_hydro because the bowl is so huge, but here it's like a small depression and its function isn't immediately apparent... actually, yeah, just make the dish like 10 times bigger

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@PyroGXPilot : Yeah in fact if I enlarge this dish, it will be the central piece in this scene, I was more trying to create a huge jungle scene behind it instead of working a lot on the dish, I will need some custom textures to make it more detailled if I enlarge it, anyway thx I will see if it works when it's bigger.


@Seir : Yeah I should work more on that dish, it's kinda hard while doing that only with brushes, I should make something in 3DS.


@Squad : Nice idea, I like it, but about the colors I can't make something team coloured, the middle must be in a neutral color.


@Campaign : Yeah maybe, i'm kinda scared about doing something like that cause it will looks really blocky, and I don't like that :D, altough I should make a custom texture for it, 757px-Arecibo_Observatory_Aerial_View.jp


You clearly see the panels on this one, it makes the dish way more detailled.


@Spherix : Details in tf2 must be really simple and clear, if it's too noisy the players don't have a clue about what's happening on the map, and where are the enemies. I still can make some differences on them but that's not so important.


Anyway thanks for your advices.

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Scale looks better now

Is the dish a model now?  I think when it was reflective (not mirrorlike, just a litle shiny, reflecting sunlight) it would add more depth to it.


Btw the big cliffs to the right and left would block signals the dish is suposed catch  :v

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