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Ender's Game


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I don't believe we have a thread about this movie?


Anyway, I saw it last night and it blew away all my expectations. All I knew about it was that it was a sci-fi and Harrison Ford was on it, enough to make me want to watch it so I went in with media blackout.


Absolutely fucking awesome movie, I love all the little connections to video games and the roll they can have in the future, I love the environments (which really reminded me of Mass Effect, in a very good way) and the plot was really good as well with some surprises mixed in!


A lot of people that read the book say the movie is not as good, but isn't that always the case?




Case Study: Ender's Game from Light Iron




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I was waiting for you to open this topic. As always, we Europeans have to wait. But Harrison Ford in a scifi is a nobrainer for me. I'm going to report back once I've seen it. I'm not gonna watch trailers or videos though. I want to be surprised.

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Finally saw it. I liked it. It managed to captivate me from the start and I didn't see that ending coming. Lovely little flick. 


I especially love how humanity is portrayed. Vindictive and focused on winning regardless the costs. The entire movie had me rooting for this brilliant tactician kid, I was mind controlled into a "Kill em All" frenzy and suddenly woke up realizing I supported mass genocide on a planetary scale. The ending left a bad taste in my mouth. I love it when a movie manages to move me like that.

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